If Rochelle is my rock, Clawdeen is the ghoul I can count on to tell me what’s what. She’s also a Queen of Life. Happy NSS!


Just Like a Circus on Flickr.

All the eyes on me in the center of the ring
Just like a circus!

  1. nocturna-fangor said: That’s rubbish! I’ve read your poetry and your authorial voice comes over even in your text posts and doll reviews. You write beautifully! :)

You just made my day! Thank you :D

Monster High 30 Day Challenge

Day eighteen: Other hobbies/interests besides MH?

Although MH is my number one I’m into a lot of other doll lines too, so there’s that. I love roller coasters and have gone to all kinds of places in the US to ride them. Huge Madonna fan. Plus lots of other music. Movies. Art, especially surrealism. Official Marie Antoinette fanboy. I write but not very well and pretty much keep it to myself.